Lighting Controls

A complete Lighting Solutions for inside and out

  • Intelligent Transceiver built into every unit
  • Real time volts, watts and amps
  • Sets up a wireless mesh network to be able to incorporate our controls
  • Dimming capabilities
  • Bulit works with a standard Nema plug
  • Many different devices for various application
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I/O Controls

Puts your community, office, buildings, school into the wireless- automated world

Integrates with….

  • Thermostats
  • Motion Sensors
  • HVAC Systems
  • Sub- metering
  • Lift Station
  • Kw Usage
  • Oxygen Sensors

….and much more

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Long Range

Designed to wirelessly transfer BAC Net, Lon Works, Mod Bus point to point

  • No loss of integrity, unlike wired solutions
  • 15 mile range
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